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Creative Communications
Research/ Strategy/ Technology

Creative Communications
Research/ Strategy/ Technology

About Us

At iUVO we look for a balance of creativity and technology wrapped up in a well defined strategy.

We are techie geeks, creative dreamers, business strategists and wordsmiths, thrown together into a virtual pot. Our approach is about effectiveness and aesthetics. We work from the inside out - understanding your business, the platform and then creating something wonderful so you can communicate more effectively, more efficiently and more enjoyably with your audience.

However technical the challenge, we make sure the solution sits easily with you, your systems and your people so it doesn't just work. It works for you.


We're convinced that the only way to make full use of digital platforms is to create an intuitive and inviting experience for the consumer and you, the client.

The challenge is creative and technical. Phones, tablets, desktops and laptops generate their own usage patterns. Social media differs again from web and print. We slice through confusion and integrate platforms and channels into a seamless, inviting experience that brings you and your customer closer together.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is at the heart of our business. Now that digital materials are the norm, printed work with its texture and weight, feel and personalisation, can make a greater impression than at any time since the development of mass printed media.

Annual reports, marketing collateral, exhibitions stands and direct mail are invaluable marketing tools. We see them as just one of the many important methods of reaching an audience, building your brand and selling your products.


You use communications to connect with your customers, so a strong communications strategy should form one of the pillars of your business.

Our input comes from our knowledge of communications platforms and channels, alongside practical experience of integrating them into your strategy, systems and day-to-day work. We always keep an eye on what is realistic and practical so we can deliver clarity for your staff and customers, and returns on your investment.


We'll work with you to unlock the mysteries of branding, whether you want to define a start-up, refine an established logo, or develop brand guidelines that work equally well with your Tweets and your business card.

Your brand must express what you want to say about your business but at the same time reflect your customers' experience. We can help you clarify and understand these two sides of the process and then establish how the brand will set you apart across all platforms and through all channels.



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